Nobody Knows Above Ground Swimming Pools
Like You Do...

Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool With Deck

Welcome to Know-Your-Pool!

Above ground swimming pools are practical, affordable, and with the right know-how, one of the most exciting additions that you can make to your backyard.

Buying a pool is easy, owning a pool is also easy if you know what you are doing.

All swimming pools are complex machines. Like any machine, they need ongoing maintenance. The equipment needs maintenance, the water needs maintenance, even the pool itself needs maintenance.

You have two choices... You either call your local pool professional and get in line with your credit card out, or you learn how to take care of the little stuff yourself.

If you really want to Know Your Pool, we're here to break the ice.

Know Your Pool Basics

If you are new to pools, this is where it all begins. You want to know your way around the swimming pool? No problem. Starting with the design and structure and ending in basic pool water chemistry, we'll show you above ground swimming pools both inside and out.

Know Your Pool Maintenance

Tools to Maintain Above Ground Swimming Pools

Having a clear and easy to follow maintenance program is critical. Factors such as environment, weather conditions, and how often the pool is used will all play a role in what you do and how often you do it.

Know Your Pool Water

Crystal Clear Water
Crystal clear water doesn't happen on its own. You need to know how to test, adjust, and properly protect your pool from unsightly algae and bacteria. We'll show you how often to test, what the results mean, and how to make adjustments when needed. When your water sparkles, we think you'll agree that above ground swimming pools can be just as inviting and enjoyable as they are practical.

Every pool owner runs into cloudy or green water from time to time. Learn how to troubleshoot and correct nearly any pool problem that comes your way!

Talk to Your Local Swimming Pool Dealer

If you are considering the purchase of an above ground swimming pool, we recommend visiting your local pool dealer.

Swimming pools generally put up with a lot of abuse. They bake in the sun all day, get pounded on by wind and rain, and often sit in snow and ice in the off-seasons. As if that isn't harsh enough, during the summer months, they are a playground for adults and kids alike. There's excitement, splashing, and a lot of potential for things to accidentally break. When it comes to owning a pool, having a support system is never a bad thing. Most pool stores can back up the products that they sell you with parts availability, warranty processing, and service.

When a storm damages a top rail, or your filter system's drain cap gets lost, wouldn't it be wonderful to just go to the store and buy what you need? When a filter hose fitting breaks and your pool starts draining, are you going to order it online and wait a week? If you buy everything second-hand or online, don't expect your local pool store to have what you need, when you need it.

Having quality chemicals, parts available when you need them, and a place to go when you have a problem you can't solve is well worth the money.

Table of Contents

Owning a Swimming Pool: Introduction to Pool Basics
Introduction to Owning a Swimming Pool
Above Ground Pool Structure and Design
A closer look at above ground swimming pool structure
Pool Filters
How pool filters work and the different types available.
Vinyl Liners
A look at vinyl liners for above ground and in ground swimming pools
Swimming Pool Cleaners
Basic guide to pool cleaners for above ground and in-ground pools.
Daily Pool Maintenance
Keep your pool in check with these simple steps to daily pool maintenance
Weekly Pool Maintenance
Preserve the appearance and longevity of your swimming pool with these 5 easy steps to weekly pool maintenance
Additional Maintenance Tips
A list of additional maintenance suggestions that can help you improve your pool's performance.
Common Pool Chemicals
A glossary of pool chemicals commonly used in swimming pools.
Pool Water Testing
Learn how to perform your own pool water testing and what to do with the results.
Swimming Safety
A pool owner's guide to Layers of Protection and swimming safety.
Pool Safety Brochures
Swimming Safety and Pool Safety Brochures from the APSP
Basic Pool Water Chemistry
Introduction to water balancing and basic pool water chemistry