Is Your Pool Safe?

Taking Measures to Ensure Swimming Safety Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death.

Swimming safety is your responsibility as the pool owner. I know that this is not an exciting subject, but a swimming pool that doesn't address safety is a serious problem.

Without the proper safety measures, your pool is a risk. Most accidents and drownings that have occured around a pool or spa involved children under the age of 5 and teenagers, many of which could have been prevented with adequate layers of protection.

Layers of Protection should be in place when the pool is not in use, and when it is being used, a standard set of rules, the proper safety equipment, and some good old fashioned supervision are a must.

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP),

“Layers of Protection” means that, in addition to supervision, the pool, spa, or hot tub is equipped with several devices to delay a child’s unsupervised access, or warn of the child’s presence. These layers should be aimed at protecting the area between the house and the pool, since studies show that children are most at risk in their own backyard, when parents believe they are safely inside the house."

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