Weekly Pool Maintenance

Weekly pool maintenance is critical to the appearance and longevity of your swimming pool. Choose one day out of the week that you can perform these steps, and stick with it!

1 Clean the Waterline
Check for any build-up along the waterline on the inside of the pool. Lotions, sun-screen, and other oils will float on the surface of the water and often become attached to the liner, forming a ring at the waterline of the swimming pool. If you see build-up, get a soft sponge, splash pool water over the spot and wipe it off with the sponge. If it is thick or doesn't budge, you can use chemical surface cleaners to treat the area. If the waterline is consistently dirty, consider the use of an enzyme product once per week.

2 Brush the Sides and Bottom of the Pool
Particularly helpful after periods of inactivity, brushing the surfaces in contact with water can help to deter algae growth and prevent unsightly buildup or deposits beneath the water surface.

Pay close attention to low lying areas, safety ledges, and ladders or steps. Even in normal sanitizer conditions, algae can grow in the areas where circulation isn't good.

3 Vacuum the Pool
Dirt, grass, bugs, and other suspended materials eventually find their way to the bottom of pool. When vacuuming, any heavy debris should be swept slowly and, if possible, swept to waste. Light debris can be swept into the filter system for later removal.

Depending on use, your pool might need vacuumed more often than once a week.

For easy maintenance, consider the use of an automatic pool cleaner.

4 Clean the Area Around the Pool
By using a sprayer or broom, clean off any patio or decking around the swimming pool. Start near the pool's edge and push debris away from the water. Doing this regularly will save time by limiting the need for skimming, vacuuming, and emptying traps and baskets.

5 Chemical Upkeep
Virtually all water treatment programs for swimming pools require weekly chemical additions. Support chemicals like algicides, clarifiers, and rust and scale inhibitors often require weekly doses.

The chemicals that you use in your pool will depend on your particular water treatment plan.

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